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Literary and Academic Activities
Competitive, educative and entertaining events such as quiz contest, creative writing, debate, elocution, public speaking, poetry recitation, spelling contest, paper presentation, model presentation, debate, public speaking, educational field trips and tours, etc are conducted throughout the school year as Literary and Academic activities.

Aesthetic and Cultural Activities
Performing arts such as music, dance, drama, arts and craft, yoga and celebration of religious festivals are conducted according to the scheduled timing. These activities enable students to discover their inner talents. Professional instructors are employed in each discipline to guide and train the students.

Physical and Sports Activities
Basket ball, volley ball, foot ball, table tennis, cricket, kabbadi, judo, karate, badminton, khokho swimming, etc are played with an assistance by national and international players and coaches. Games, athletics, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts are often conducted. These are assigned to specialized coaches to train the students.

Social Service Activities
Students learn to develop their interest and concern towards the community through different social service activities. By being involved in health club, junior red-cross circle, environment club and community service club, students learn to contribute positively to the society. By participating in it our students forge bonds witheach other as well as with other members of the community. These bonds enhance their interpersonal skills and increase their social network.

Recreational Activities
Apart from the various co-curricular activities mentioned above, we provide a number of recreational activities at Global Pathshala. These activities include:

  • Various music and dance, classical and folk dance.
  • Western music and dance, singing, etc.
  • Educational tours or excursions to the places of historical and geographical significance.
  • National and International tours/trips to inculcate various languages, cultures, customs, traditions, arts, flora and fauna, etc.
  • Movie shows for the refreshment of the students in order to stimulate their learning after the certain interval of time.
  • Involving students in various students exchange programme.

Health Care Activities
Our school is committed towards the well-being of every student while at school. Our school’s infirmary is looked after by a qualified nursing staff and is well-equipped to provide first aid and treatment of minor injuries. Students with injuries that require urgent medical attention are taken to nearby hospitals and the concerned parents are informed immediately. Every student’s health records are kept on file for reference purposes. Regular medical checkup and health camps are conducted by the Nurse-Incharge.